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About Grimsby Jazz  - Funding

Funding from JAZZYORKSHIRE enabled Grimsby Jazz to support 'undiscovered' talented musicians, and also be adventurous in inviting unusual line ups of musicians to work together. Unfortunately this funding ended in September 2012 due to an end to Arts Council funding for jazz in the region. The Arts Council made a further pot of money available which Jazz Yorkshire successfully bid for, with a consortium of northern Jazz agencies this is called JAZZNORTH. This organisation has provided financial backing for some of the bands that play at the club.

We continue to look for alternative sources of funding for the Club and welcome suggestions from sponsors.

A new promoters network has developed called NORVOL JAZZ which consists of voluntary promoters from all the northern regions. This organisation provides a supportive network and helps give a strong voice to northern jazz promoters. The latest project is a partnership with Appollo Jazz has led to an Arts Council for bringing American musicians to the area. The first for Grimsby Jazz is Seamus Blake in February 2016.